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Pest Control International Services (PCIS) was started in the year 1988 at Chennai and it now has branch offices at Vellore, Trichy and Tanjore. PCIS was founded with the Mission that it would set the standards for the Pest Control industry.  Our aim is to provide customers with the option of a company that will not compromise on quality under any circumstances, where service is polite and personal,   where the latest technology and research are applied.

PCIS is committed to meeting the needs of those who set the highest standards, whose hallmark is excellence. Pests are a major hazard to life and property.  Pests carry diseases, contaminate our food and destroy our property. PCIS offers the following solutions to its clients:

Anti-Termite Treatment :

i)  Pre-Construction anti termite treatment 10 years warranty.
3 Stages :
ii) Post-Construction anti termite treatment 5 years warranty.

1. Post Construction Treatment:
We shall make an application of chemical insecticides to buildings to eliminate existing infestation and to prevent resistant of termite attack.

2. Chemical Barrier: Inside the structure:
To make a chemical barrier we shall drill 12mm holes at the depth of 5 inches inside the premises at the junction of wall & floor at every one foot interval & injecting chemical emulsion into them by force to kill and repel termites. Thus forming a barrier which is impervious to termite entry.

3. Treatment along external perimeter:
External perimeter of the building shall also be treated by way of rodding12mm diameter mild steel rods or drilling 12mm diameter holes at the depth of 5 inches at the same building floor level to make chemical barrier evenly both inside & outside of the structure.  All drilled holes would be sealed after completion of work.

4. Wood Treatment:
Also we make application of wood preservative chemical termiticides to all wood work and wooden based materials inside the site to eliminate existing termite infestation and to prevent the reinfestation of termite attack.

5. Treatment of electrical fixtures:
If infestation in electrical fixture (like switch boxes in the wall) is noticed, covers of the switch boxes shall be removed and inside of such boxes shall be treated with the specified oil based termiticide. The cover of the switch boxes shall be refixed after treated.

6. Treatment of Natural & unnatural air cracks & services:
A general spray of termiticide shall be given all cracks & crevices, holes & joints and wherever necessary. Our treatment is backed by 5 years service guarantee. In the event of any unlikely reinfestation of termites, we shall carryout necessary treatment to ensure the premises free of termites at no extra cost.

Also Undertaken AMC @ Flats, Office, Corporate Buildings etc. Household Disinfestation, Green Spot Gel Applicaton. Our Disinfestation service is effective against cockroaches, bedbugs, silverfish, booklice, lizards, red and black ants. Cockroaches are more than unsightly and damaging-they pose a genuine threat to public health. Disease organisms such as bacteria and protozoans which are responsible for food poisoning, dysentery and diarrhea, are carried by cockroaches. We will thoroughly spray possible  hiding places, (eg. cracks and crevices, gaps  behind stores and sinks, cupboard interior, area around drains, rubbish  bins, etc) and  other places where pest reside. Also we carryout spot treatment for cockroaches. This treatment is based on the use of gel bait.   i.e. Fipromil .0.01%. Chemical shall be use: Fipromil & cyflothrin water based. 15ml/L. Also Undertaken AMC @ Flats, Office, Canteen, Hotel, Hospital etc.

Also Undertaken AMC @ Office, Factories Canteen, Hotel, Hospital etc

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